Upload local PDB structures for AS2TS system

This form allows the upload of the local protein structure in PDB format for LGA calculations, or AL2TS and AS2TS model building processes.

  Name of the Protein Structure Data.
Name format (4 or 6 characters): _abc or _abc_A   (underline + 3 lower case letters (+underline+chain))
Make sure that the chain id (if present in your PDB file) is specified by the sixth character.

There are two different ways to enter your protein structure data:

1. Copy and paste your structure data in PDB format into the box below.

If your PDB structure data is prepared as one file, just select the file containing data and this will be read and uploaded after you click "START".

2. Include the name of your local file containing structure data.
  Protein Structure file

You can upload data now or view it first
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Then click START.

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